The Rosewood Thieves

Artist bio

The small valley town of Deposit, NY lies along the West Branch of the Delaware River, and is nestled between the bustling metropolitan areas of Albany and Syracuse. Deposit is also host to the Decker House, an All-American rickety white farmhouse that is more ghostly than quaint. Local socialite Bonnie Decker lived and died in that house. Within a month of her passing, the Rosewood Thieves left New York City, looking to reclaim a peace of mind while finding their rock & roll heart at the Decker house. In the process, they found themselves surrounded by the mystery of her memory and haunted by Deposit’s peculiar existence, thus the story of the From the Decker House EP was written.

Spearheaded by singer/songwriter Erick Jordan, The Rosewood Thieves' build upon the sincerity of John Lennon's solo work and the poetic earnestness of Bob Dylan and the Band for their own indie rock sound. The New York City collective formed in 2004. Jordan and a high school acquaintance, organ player Mackenzie Vernacchio inked a deal with V2 within a year, and readied themselves for the Rosewood Thieves' debut. Produced by Thom Monahan (the Pernice Brothers, Vetiver, Devendra Banhart) and released in July 2006, From Decker House also features performances by Vetiver's Andy Cabic, Blake Hazard of the Submarines, and veteran pianist Bob Dorough. The Rosewood Thieves, rounded out by William Frish (guitar/backing vocals), Richard Ray (bass), and Mark Bordenet (drums), can also be seen performing at various Manhattan music dwellings such as Maxwell's, Piano's, and Sin-é.