The Pharmacy

Artist bio

Maturity can be a hard thing for any band to achieve, let alone one known for originally known for fuzzy power punk. Yet, despite the youth of its members, The Pharmacy have become quite the seasoned musical force over the last few years, culminating in one of their most evolved albums to date Stoned & Alone.

"We've slowly realized that something can be more compelling when you draw it out," says singer/guitarist Scottie Yoder. "We thrashed through our first record as quickly as we could. But I've always wanted to be at a point where we're able to try new things but didn't have the right tools or inspiration to do."

The band (Yoder, drummer Brendhan Bowers, and keyboardist Stefan Rubicz) was definitely provided with the means to do the job this time around, working once again with Brandon Eggleston (The Mountain Goats, tUnE-yArDs). The seasoned producer/engineer provided the firm, yet flexible hand that The Pharmacy needed to add some impressive touches to Stoned - the string section that underpins the rattling rocker "Your Eyes"; backing vocals that provide a vintage soul touch to album opener "At The Top of the Ivory Stairs".

As far as inspiration, the band had plenty to work from, thanks to spending the better part of a year living together in New Orleans, Louisiana. Not only because they were surrounded by some of the deepest roots of American music, but also "the fact that none of us really had jobs," says Yoder. "We were winging it with money we had saved up and whatever weird odd jobs we could get." Banding together, the trio was able to soak up a lot of new music, and practice their hearts out on new songs.

Source: Artist Facebook Page