The One AM Radio

Artist bio

The dark, melancholy dream pop sounds of the One AM Radio came together in 1999 with vocalist Hrishikesh Hirway, and despite various collaborators, the band remained something of his one-man project through the years. He was a student at Yale and recorded several EPs with Ted Leo and the like. In spring 2000, he befriended another Yale student, violin player Jane Yakowitz, to contribute to a 7" he was recording for Troubleman Unlimited. The two struck a chord, personally and professionally. Yakowitz joined Hirway for some live appearances, and within a year she was permanently added to the One AM Radio lineup. The Hum of the Electric Air marked the band's proper debut in July 2002. The more expansive and lush A Name Writ in Water appeared two years later through Level Plane, and the remix album On the Shore of the Wide World followed in early 2005. The One AM Radio then made their Dangerbird Records debut in February 2007 with the self-produced This Too Will Pass, and returned in 2011 with the lushly produced Heaven Is Attached by a Slender Thread.