The Mystic Underground

Artist bio


Vladimir Valette the singing and the songwriting
Benedetto Socci The composing and the synthesizer manipulating


A Creative force personified by two young men. Ill at ease with the emphasis of style over substance and the general lack of quality songwriting on the radio, They felt compelled to right those wrongs by taking bits of the romantic elements that made legends of bands such as The Smiths and The Pet Shop Boys and apply them to their own take on dance music to create a sound that is both accessible as well as powerful. Songs for the heart and the feet. Life...set to a dance beat.


Formed in a sleepy suburban town on the outskirts of the bustling megalopolis that is Manhattan, the band would often write in wonder of the rich and omnipresent musical history that paves the streets of the city. The band now bases their operations in the bustling Brooklyn district of Williamsburg.


Synths and sass. Two Synthesizers and a microphone Thoughts of a daydreamer set to pen and paper and laid down over syncopated pitter-patter and synthesized swirls and twirls.


There is no better time than the present.. Now. Right now. How soon is now?


The only aim is to write the greatest songs you've ever heard. The songs that
accurately your experiences, your loves and your reasons to live. These songs will be the soundtrack to your life. One beat at a time.