The Mary Onettes

Artist bio

The Mary Onettes formed in 2000 in the Swedish town of Jnkping by Philip Ekstrm (vocals, guitar), his brother Henrik Ekstrm (bass), Petter Agurn (guitar), and Simon Fransson (drums). The band was drawn together by their common interest in '80s and '90s music, especially with bands such as The Stone Roses and The Cure. The band got their first record deal in 2004, but were dropped after only six months without the opportunity to release any recorded material. Columbia/Sony BMG picked the band up eight months later, and the band released their debut EP Make Me Last in May 2005. Following positive critical reception but muted commercial response, the band found themselves without a label shortly after the EP's release. The Mary Onettes intended to self-release all material thereafter, until Swedish indie pop label Labrador Records signed the band months later, and the band established a recording studio in Gothenburg.