The Love Language

Artist bio

THE LOVE LANGUAGE is a lo-fi Indie Pop band from Raleigh, NC whose debut self titled release is the story of one man's redemption. The result sounds like a Phil Spector recording employing the reverb of the Walkman and the aesthetic of the early 90's lo fi movement, ala Guided By Voices and Sebadoh. The Love Language is a one man album. Everything you hear on the record was written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Stu McLamb.

Two years ago Stu played in a band called The Capulets with 3 members of what would later become THE LOVE LANGUAGE live band. Stu got drunk one night, broke into the Capulets practice space, trashed the joint, and broke his wrist in the process. The band booed Stu's antics and showed him the door. Stu then moved to Winston Salem with the Lalita. I had moved in with a girl I thought was the love of my life but felt absolutely miserable, reflects McLamb, adding We had unhealthy tendencies like throwing beer bottles at the wall when we fought.

Fast forward 6 months. The walls are covered in beer bottle glass and the couple finally decides to call it quits. Stu celebrated the culmination of festering misery by pounding a fifth of Aristocrat and woke up in solitary confinement with his ankles and wrists bound.

Shocked by the shit you can land yourself in McLamb, moved in with his parents, lays off the drink, and worked hard at a local hotel. As he sobered, the songs started appearing. He rented a storage space, bought a cheap-ass bass, borrowed some drums and started recording the album - 4 track style. I'd like to think of it as the audio equivalent of a handwritten letter to a pen pal with little handmade gifts inside...or something like that, says Stu of the recordings.

When the songs became solid he passed around a CD to friends. Eventually the music caught the ears of The Rosebuds (Merge Records) and THE LOVE LANGUAGE was asked to open a show for them to kick of their fall tour. To this McLamb wistfully replied with a simple "Yes" and quickly formed a band with 6 of his closest friends who could lend a hand to present the songs in an energetic live setting that nicely juxtaposes the home recordings. THE LOVE LANGUAGE is Stuart McLamb (electric guitar, vocals), Jordan McLamb (acoustic guitar, percussion, vocals), Junis Beefmonth (electric guitar, vocals), Missy Thangs (keyboard, vocals), Joshua Pope (bass guitar), Kate Thompson (organ) and Thomas Simpson (drum kit).

Word spread fast around THE LOVE LANGUAGE'S home state and the music quickly caught the ear of Bladen County Records, who will release the band's self-titled long-player and Ground Control Touring, who will have the band on the road throughout '09 and beyond!