The London Circuit

Artist bio

Issues surrounding the personal lives and traits of several band members have plagued the success of The London Circuit since inception. The band faced virtual collapse in 2011 when Justin Craig (rhythm guitar) disappeared without trace, only to resurface several months later, stating that he had driven out to Dunlop but couldnt get back- his GPS kept telling him to turn left. Or as in the summer of 2011, when Christopher Jones (bass guitar) called from Havana to cancel playing on a breakthrough gig, due to allegedly having his passport confiscated on political grounds. It was later revealed that no such incident had occurred and that he had in fact drunk himself into a mojito-stupor on the beach.

With Chris incommunicado and Justin stuck in a roundabout, the remaining members continued writing and recording over the summer of 2011. One particularly hot afternoon, when Matt Faulkner (lead singer) left the studio to buy some icey poles, Damian Blankley (lead guitar) hit Ricky Natoli (Drums) over a difference of creative direction. Blankly alleged that the London Circuit couldnt be a proper rock band without at least one dead drummer. The band went cold for several months.

After hiring a conflict resolution counsellor, (a move by Blankley to avoid Natoli pressing charges), internal conflicts were overcome and the band has now installed an air conditioner (suggested by the counsellor) to avoid the studio from over heating. Meanwhile, there is nothing to expose about Faulkner, just a totally 100% committed guy.