The Little Ones

Artist bio

Our friend Moses tells us about The Little Ones journey out of the land of White Noise...The Little Ones finally left the land of White Noise and set sail to bring good cheer to others everywhere. Uncle Lees Rule of Feet proved to be too infectious and the boys wanted to spread the word to everyone across the land. They crisscrossed many roads to find that there were others who wanted to experience 'The Rule. The Little Ones gave it all they got. Some were against it; some were for it. In the end, The Little Ones discovered that everyone possessed their own 'Rule of Feet. They discovered that the 'The Rule appeared in many flavors, shapes, and sizes. Their 'Rule became ordinary. They journeyed along the pacific coast and found a stretch of shore draped in black sand. There they set-up camp and walked across its unique seascape. With every step, the grain embraced their toes and the shore welcomed them as it pushed and pulled. The water drew close; sand, water, and feet became one. A touch of mid day sun broke from the sky and they found a rhythm from the morning tide. So delighted, they started assembling new songs that would encapsulate their recent findings.