The Kin

Artist bio

The Kin is a partnership of two brothers from the small town of Adelaide, Australia, who have found their way to New York. They drive around in a 1977 VW bus, known as 'Daisy' that has no heat. They have Scottish blood and play to a highland marching style of rhythms. Thorry plays the guitar with a knee-jerk drive that forms the backbone of the music, while Isaac lays down swirling dynamics with a Rhodes piano. Their voices are compelling individually; Thorry hits the angelic high notes and gravelly low notes, while Isaac croons softly one moment, then sings out like a town crier. But you don't fully understand The Kin until you hear them sing together. They start out in unison, trade off leads and slam into bracing harmonies. They change the subject when you talk of style and influences, then talk your ear off about their musical heroes. -