The Junior Varsity

Artist bio

The Junior Varsity was formed in 2002 by guitarist Andy Wildrick, who rounded out his Illinois-based group with bassist/singer Asa Dawson, rhythm guitarist Sergio Coronado, drummer Chris Birch, and keyboardist Nick Dodson. Debut album The Great Compromise was released while the band members were still in college, and The Junior Varsity followed the record's critical success by contributing a cover of "Raining in Baltimore" to a Counting Crows tribute album.

That same year, The Junior Varsity landed a deal with Victory Records, a Chicago-based independent label.Wide Eyed was released in July 2005, and Varsity joined the Warped Tour in both 2005 and 2006 to support the album. Victory Records soon re-released The Great Compromise with additional demo tracks and DVD footage, and The Junior Varsity began working on a third LP after a tour with Bayside in late 2006.