The Japanese House

Artist bio

Born and raised in Buckinghamshire, The Japanese House aka 20 year old Amber Bain now lives in Camden but isn't quite sure why as she spends most of her time hanging about East London. Giving up on childhood dreams of being a politician, at age 11 Amber discovered that music was cool and settled on being a rock star instead. Her father taught her all the classics (AC/DC and Stairway To Heaven) on the acoustic guitar and her musical fate was secured. Very much part of the Dirty Hit Records family, she counts members of The 1975 as co-producers and is a regular on label mate Marika Hackman's instagram. Despite having already released the brilliant EP, Pools To Bathe In, and preparing to drop the second, Clean, Amber has only recently begun to perform her material live following a series of reportedly very fun, very loud rehearsals. "I'm sorry if I'm shouting my ears are constantly ringing!" she tells us over coffee. She decides that her music sounds like "a sad little puppy listening to Beyonc to cheer itself up" and we decide that it's no wonder Ryan Hemsworth wants to work with her. Get to know the girl soundtracking our waking hours and putting us to sleep at night welcome to The Japanese House.

Via i-D