The Highway

Artist bio

This indie-rock group brings the crowd to life
with an energetic vibe that is hard to come by.
Their ambient vibe and guitar-driven rock sounds merge amidst
unique chord progressions and catchy hooks.

Born in Houston, Texas, and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Daniel Tortoledo
possesses strong vocals and tasteful bass lines
that give this band much of their unique sound.
The phenomenal drummer, Ted MacInnes, fills the sound with strong beats
that keep the crowd dancing, while guitarists, Ysaac Cohen and Victor Cruz
put the listener at ease with their trance-inducing, harmonized lines,
creating solid textures without getting in each other's ways.
They are a tight band with a unique style that is easy to love.

The band now splits the time between Brooklyn NY and Boston MA,
where they have a continuously growing fan-base. From heavy dancing to mellow swaying,
The Highway has something for everyone in the crowd.
They connect with the audience through intense climaxes and soothing breakdowns.

The Highway released their debut album, Forest People, in September 2010,
which was awarded Album of the Month, by Deli Magazine New England.
Although their album is one that you'll have on repeat for months,
the essence of The Highway is truly captured at their live shows.

The Highway performance is more than just a concert,
but an uplifting and soulful experience.