The Heirs

Artist bio

The Heirs can trace their origin back to a dream. The Los Angeles based band featuring leads Brandon and Savannah Hudson share an ethereal vision for their band and future. "It all came from a mutual dream," Brandon explains. "In this vision, I could see our modern world becoming aristocratic. The youth were considered heirs to the world, inheriting everything the adults left behind." That vision defines their music including the upcoming EP which was produced by Justin Stanley (Beck, The Vines, Sheryl Crow) and Bram Inscore (Beck, Icona Pop), with Brandon sharing in various producing roles. Co-written by both Brandon and Savannah, the EP "Ecliptic" proclaims the group's formal electronics, sweeping keys, and a handclap-driven beat on the first single "Alright Goodnight".

"It's about people stepping out, asserting themselves, and doing something positive," shares Savannah. "You can always speak your feelings. Everybody deserves to have a say. There are so many negative things in the world." The hook heavy, get on your feet single portrays The Heirs complex writing. Once stuck in your head, the "Alright Goodnight" lyrics can be reflected a bit more serious than the tone of the song. "We wanted to make something different, something dancey, but also something that could speak for itself and say more than the usual pop songs of today."

The Heirs are gaining momentum that cannot be stopped. With undiminishing energy on stage, the band has been tapped for numerous tours in the U.S. and Europe including selling out their first Los Angeles headlining show. Between touring, perfecting their music, The Heirs have garnered thousands of fans including over 400,000 Twitter followers and 80,000 Facebook fans - all asking for more.

The Heirs are Brandon Hudson (lead vocals/guitar), Savannah Hudson (lead vocals), Alex Flagstad (guitar), Eian McNeely (bass/keys) and Brennan Benko (drums).