The Go Team

Artist bio

It all started when, according to band leader Ian Parton and former indie kid, "I got an old Eighties sampler and a four-track (tape recorder) and (along with brother and engineer Gareth) just started welding ideas from songs with samples I'd heard in random places and live instruments". The Go! Team live team was put together by Ian in three weeks when Memphis sprung a Swedish tour supporting Franz Ferdinand in June 2004: says Ian: "There are three lads and three ladies. The blokes (Ian guitar, harmonica & drums / Sam Dook - guitar, drums, banjo, Jamie Bell bass) are from Brighton. Chi (Fukami Taylor), who's Japanese, lives in London. I put a shout out for anybody who knew drummers. And then there's Silke (German born Steidinger) who plays everything recorder, melodica, guitar, keyboards, drums. Ninja was the tricky one, I wanted someone who was big into hip-hop, but not all bling. I sent her a CD and she really dug it. She was one of the few lady rappers that got it. She's into the idea of experimenting. She feels no pressure to sound like everybody else..." The aim was to put a band together of people who would not normally be in a band together and could explode live. And it's live that this gleefully uplifting music begins to take full effect; the music crashes triumphantly along, blaring, distorted samples, noisy guitars, Ninja's jovial rapping, dancing, double drumming, yelling and hugging each other. Imagine the most exhilarating block party you've ever been to and then multiply the fun quotient by 100. The audience does everything they can to express their approval save forming human pyramids. They are right: it's hard to think of anything in 2005 that's more exuberant, more joyous, more fun than The Go! Team. Look for their third album, Rolling Blackouts, out on February 1, 2011 on Memphis Industries.