The Fling

Artist bio

The Fling is a band from Long Beach, CA consisting of Dustin Lovelis (guitars, vocals), Graham Lovelis (bass, vocals), Justin Roeland (guitars, keys, vocals), and Justin Ivey (drums). The band was formed in its initial phase by Dustin as a recording project. Soon after, Graham, his younger brother started to collaborate. An impromptu live gig was scheduled and Justin Ivey joined the group. Along with Justin came Joel Bond, their original guitar player, who left the band in early 2008. Scotty Cantino from Francisco The Man filled in until Justin Roeland was added to the lineup.

The group draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of folk, rock, pop and psychedelic music. Their sound has been described as classic 60s pop, 90s alternative, and contemporary indie-rock clashing fluidly to create a strangely nostalgic effect. Lonely Fool has been played steadily on local radio stations Indie 103.1 and KROQ 106.7. In March of 2009, they released a two-song 7 record and went on a national tour in support of it. The band has received a significant amount of attention upon announcing and streaming online the release of their first full-length album, titled When The Madhouses Appear. The album is scheduled for release on August 31, 2010 on Lady Monk Records, the bands own label.