The Fervor

Artist bio

Arise, Great Warrior, The Fervors second full length album, has marked a rebirth for the Louisville rock quartet. Released on February 8th the band teamed up with My Morning Jackets Jim James and producer Charles Gonzales to create an album that is undeniably engaging and sure to enrapture listeners with every listen.

Natalie Felkers song writing prowess and harmonious vocals resonate and engulf the listener in a comforting embrace while her pounding Wurlitzer keys give a histrionic vintage texture to each track. Natalies husband Ben provides punchy ambient guitar riffs that create imagery, reminiscent of Velvet Underground, driving each track home.

Paired with grooving bass lines from Michael Campbell and intriguingly mellow drums from Matt Herron and The Fervor is a complete package bound for rock playlists everywhere. A tri label release with Jim James label Removador Recordings and Solutions on the digital release, SonaBLAST on CD and drummer Mat Herrons label Karate Body on vinyl the triple threat support is just another unique touch to Arise, Great Warrior. From multiple Showcases at the 2011 SXSW festival to a slew of national tour dates, The Fervor has set out to make waves in 2011.