The Feelings Hijackers

Artist bio

The Feelings Hijackers is a duo comprised of Chris Ballew (front man for The Presidents of the United States of America), and Alternative Hip-Hop artist Outtasite. The two artists first met during a short lived collaboration called "Subset", a super group teaming The Presidents, and the also muti-platinum Sir Mix-A-Lot. Outtasite (also Mix-A-Lot's protg) was featuring on the Subset track "What the hell" and joined Subset for all live shows. During a tour of the west coast, the future duo discovered that there was a lot of musical common ground to be explored. That exploring began in 2004 cutting demo's in Ballew's home studio. By the time 1 song turned into 10 Ballew had named this new duo "The Feelings Hijackers" mostly due to the strong mood music quality of the material, and the art of taking, cutting, and pasting from unfinished ideas. During this time the duo released two short run albums "T.F.H." &
"Skeletal Remains". After a lengthy lay off, The Feelings Hijackers partnered up with Magmata Records / Magmata Studios to release the 22 song album aptly titled "SupeRecord". Complete with supporting music video's, this album contains a combination of new & unreleased material, and previously released re-mastered favorites.