The Capsules

Artist bio

The Capsules have a tendency for sleepless nights, writing pensive, late night reveries. When they emerge from these states, they bring with them a soundtrack to the half forgotten memories that pass through the space between reality and whimsy. The songs on Northern Lights & Southern Skies unfold in the place where the heart is open to the mysteries of the universe and help us gain a bit of insight into the experiences of love, loss, and longing that makes us human. Julie Shields has a comforting voice that sounds like your best friend whispering in your ear, while the melodic bass of Jason Shields and Kevin Trevinos understated drumming keep things deceptively simple.

The Capsules decided to expand their pallet on Northern Lights & Southern Skies and used less guitar and more keyboards, loops and electronics than they have on previous efforts. They still have their otherworldly aura, but theres also a dark edge that keeps everything rooted to the earth.
Jason and Julie started writing music together in high school. In the process, they fell in love, got married, and started their first band, which was called Shallow. At an age when most people are trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives, they were already signed, professional musicians touring the world.

After Shallow ended, Julie and Jason continued writing, looking for a drummer to compliment their lush, bright pop lullabies. Kevin Trevino had been a fan of Shallow and, after a few rehearsals under the newly formed name The Capsules, the trio clicked. They started touring, making records and winning fans, including Steven Hillenburg, the creator of SpongeBob SquarePants, who asked them to write a song for the show. Their songs have also been used in the PBS television show Roadtrip Nation and in several video games, including the megahit Borderlands 2. The Capsules have shared the stage with lot of great acts including The Flaming Lips, Garbage, Mercury Rev, and Low.

Source: Artist Facebook Page