The Burning of Rome

Artist bio

"The perfect mix of goth and dance influences to accompany an Edwardian Ball, with enough organs and dark vocals to satisfy Castlevania fans."
- San Diego City Beat Magazine

"Their musical horizons stretch far beyond the threshold of modern rock. The Burning of Rome is a post-apocolypitic mash-up of meticulous orchestration, electronic manipulation and eccentric experimentation. If Danzig constructed a carnival ride, it'd look something like this."
- 944 Magazine

"Gypsy punk, rife with keys, rasping vocals and animated onstage antics."
- Paste Magazine

"What gothic music has come to in the new millennium. Recommend it for indie fans in general, especially those who appreciate keyboards and melody."
- Skratch Magazine

"A thrillingly eerie avant-garde seven-piece out of San Diego"
- Performer Magazine

Music for the circus of the underworld - done in all the right ways.
- San Diego City Beat Magazine

"All sorts of arty noises that somehow turn into amazingly melodic music - imagine every genre of music smooshed together and sprinkled with a sense of humor."
- San Diego Union Tribune

"The kind of songs that Danny Elfman would assemble as a soundtrack for the Technicolor birth of the spawn of Satan"
- San Diego City Beat Magazine

"The Burning of Romes style can not be forced into any known genre without taking shortcuts and over looking its originality. Its dark tones and circus like melodies intermingle into one spontaneous, yet entertaining work of musicianship."
- X1FM