The Booze

Artist bio

Don't even bother to Google THE BOOZE. You'll get nothing but drunk talk. Not that drunk talk is bad and THE BOOZE go really great with a cocktail and visa versa. To describe them is fairly easy; THE BOOZE: an easy-going gang of lads that make music straight from a long ago era, but with a contemporary perspective. One listen and you'll find yourself thinking, "they sound like...." and that's where you may get stuck. There's not a band per se that they can be compared to, but instead a feel and a time. A time when being cool was rare and hard, but being cool was really cool. The band, having always devoured a steady diet of The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Faces, The Jam and host of other mid-60's to mid 70's British, Aussie and American rock has put it's own spin on that era. They shoot from the hip with an ass-shaking grove and beat that gets the girls dancing and the guys happy the girls are dancing. Each song is a fantastic, takes-you-to-the-scene story. Hailing from Atlanta, GA., the band came to be in 2007 when schoolmates Chaz Tolliver (vocals) and Randy Michaels (guitar/vox) - both seeing eye to eye musically - did the inevitable and got together to write. Realizing quickly that the vibe and tunes were undeniable, they formed THE BOOZE with Jon Gleaton (bass/vox), Pietro DiGennaro (drums) and Ricky Dover, Jr. (guitar).

Straight out of the gate, THE BOOZE found their own sound and style and it flowed so naturally. With new songs in hand, the band were playing shows to packed houses with word of mouth as the only means of promotion. Soon, they were in the studio recording albums which would sell out of their first pressings so quickly that the band would decide to make them single issues. The attention garnered from their releases got them moving faster and getting more serious about the band. Though they were gaining momentum, they did have to take breaks periodically as Randy was still playing with Butch Walker's band, a gig he had for years and he was hired to work in London on many popular up-and-coming projects. But duty and love called so Randy quit his other gigs and fully dug into THE BOOZE. It was game on. Their releases further solidified the band in Atlanta and elsewhere as a go-to band for great lyrics, great music and a great time. Shows were more like parties and again the girls kept dancing. Around that time, a strange bizarre, "what the hell?" occurred when Perez Hilton took notice, giving a spectacular nod to the band. The band began steady touring outside the Atlanta area and took New York, and the eastern seaboard by storm.

For a change of pace and knowing that without the Blues there would be no Rock, the band toured with Muddy Waters Jr. as his support act and as his backing band. Their 2010 release of "Rebirth of the Cool" and the reputation the band had built got the attention of OK Go who gave them a support slot on OK Go's 2010 spring tour. The band continued to revisit the Northeast and Midwest to packed venues to support the new record and get the fans dancing and having a great time.

In between touring, THE BOOZE began writing and recording their 2011 release "At Maximum Volume". Atlanta based Underrated Records (Biters, Dropsonic) will press plenty of copies of "At Maximum Volume" so that the release wont join it's siblings fates as single pressings. After 3 plus years of solid steady growth and output, 2011 looks like the year of THE BOOZE. If you hear kids talking about THE BOOZE, don't worry about it and if they aren't yours, think to yourself: that "the kids are all right". If they are yours, ask to borrow the album and grab a drink and some headphones. Your kids are all right too and you'll find out you love THE BOOZE as much has they do.

Source: Artist Facebook Page