The Bloodsugars

Artist bio

The Bloodsugars are composed of frontman and primary songwriter Jason Rabinowitz, keyboardist Matt Katz, bassist Brendan OGrady, and drummer Kenneth Salters, the same line-up responsible for 2008s critically-acclaimed BQEP. Founding members Rabinowitz and Katz met in college, where they bonded over music and emotion, listening to records in their dorm rooms. They began making music together then and there, but it wasnt until OGrady and Salters joined the band that The Bloodsugars really arrived at their sound. According to Katz each member brings something essential to the music, whether it be knowledge of jazz, soul, Turkish garage, French house or straight-up pop, and it is this sharing of styles and sensibilities that really lends the band their unique sound.

Source: Artist Site