the best of baeble holiday special - starring tim fite

Artist bio

It's that demented time of the year again. You know the one. Symptoms include seeing all your co-workers get ripped on the company nog, make a scene of themselves at the holiday party, and end up canoodling your bosses' elderly secretary. Awkward...

If you've been keeping up with Baeble, you know how much we love making a big to-do over this festive time of year. You probably remember Obama Girl prancing around in her red velvet Santa Suit last year. How could you forget? This year we enlisted both a helping hand and some holiday cheer from one of our favorite local musicians/artists. Mr. Tim Fite! He'll be hosting our Best of Baeble, Holiday Clip show, airing in it's entirety one week from today! For now, enjoy a little teaser of the madness to come. It's sure to put you in the holiday spirit. Oh yeah, lay off the nog. It's for your own good. - David Pitz