Tayisha Busay

Artist bio

Self taught and self-produced, the 3 members of the Brooklyn electro-dance band TAYISHA BUSAY have created a place for themselves in the music scene where theyve been every bit as bold and relentless as theyve wanted to be. Their debut EP in 2010, "Shock-Woo!" gained them a cult following with their single "WTF You Doin in My Mouth", as well as a hefty nod from the LGBTQ community. Having toured with MEN (JD Samson of Le Tigre) and shared the stage with artists such as Andrew W.K., they display a grand expertise of showmanship with their use of choreographed dancing, hand-crafted props, home-made lighting effects, and always tons of glitter and confetti. TAYISHA BUSAY has toured the east coast and Canada, spreading their message of positive encouragement and over-the-top "do it because you want to" attitude, complete with high kicks, big-synth sounds, and enticing dance-floor beats that have won over club-goers and indie-rockers alike. Early in their career, and much before Lady Gaga or Ke$ha hit the scene, they earned a reputation for toting copious amounts of glitter, as seen in their first music video in which they drink and puke the sparkly substance. Their videos have been featured in homepage spots on websites such as Gawker.com and the popular queer network, Logo.TV. Their newest release, "Focus/Virus" is their first full length album and will be released in Autumn of 2011.