Tate Tucker

Artist bio

Born and bred by the beaches of L.A., Tate Tucker makes music thats entirely the product of his surroundings: sunny and dreamy but charged with a restless energy, refusing to conform to any genre or style. On his upcoming EP Shangri LA, the rapper/singer/songwriter brings that dynamic to a batch of songs both hypnotic and reflective, a thoughtful escape from the chaos of the world.

The lead single from Shangri LAand Tuckers debut for Harvest RecordsBreezy embodies his kaleidoscopic sound, blending bombastic beats with ethereal textures and melodies that soothe. As the track glides along, slipping from hip-hop to soul-pop to groove-heavy R&B, Tucker imbues each line with his masterfully fluid vocal work and the magnetic presence hes revealed in opening for artists like Big Sean and Post Malone. Made in collaboration with producers Tim Anderson (Billie Eilish, BANKS) and IQ (Jaden Smith, GoldLink), Breezy also hints at the mindfulness behind his creative process.

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