Tara Macri

Artist bio

Fresh from the stages of Broadway, singer/songwriter/actor, Tara Macri, will soon be at the top of your playlist with her power-pop girl anthem, Prettiest Girl in the Room.

Penned by Tara (and co-writer, Joleen Belle), Prettiest Girl in the Room sends a strong message of empowerment that mixes seamlessly with its delicious pop hooks and catchy melodies.

The song is as much a girl anthem as it is about blowing up the princess myth, says Tara. Its about staying grounded and true to yourself, yet knowing that if you are having a bad day, it is ok to ask for help and lean on those around you for the strength to power through to continue to be your best self. I hope anyone that listens to Prettiest Girl in the Room will hear the message of self-empowerment, and use it as another tool to help them accomplish whatever it is they set out to do.

With renowned producer, Greg Collins (Gwen Stefani, U2), at the board, and mixed by Grammy Award winner, Chris Lord-Alge (Alanis Morissette, Michelle Branch), Prettiest Girl in the Room has everything it needs to catch your attention and leave you begging for more from this talented artist.

Tara is no stranger to the spotlight. After starring in the critically acclaimed Broadway production of Hairspray, and performing at the famed Hollywood Bowl alongside her friends, Nick Jonas, John Stamos, and Drew Carey, Tara decided to chase her dreams and pursue her first love of singing and songwriting. Her self-released first single, 'Strawberry Moon, caught the attention of pop music critics with its 'alterna-pop flavor and 'giant melodies. The subsequent release, 'Crazy With You, received rave reviews from KTLA, Pop On and On, Metro and airplay from radio tastemakers. 'Cardboard Castles, Taras third single, garnered national exposure on the popular daytime soap opera, The Bold & The Beautiful.
Most recently appearing in the pre-Broadway run of The First Wives Club (written by Linda Bloodworth Thomason), Taras tenacity, drive, and incomparable voice have taken her from her home town of Toronto to the stages of New York and Chicago, and have finally brought her to the City of Angels.

Welcome, Miss Macri...we have been waiting for you