Artist bio

Samuel Cooper and Brady Keehn are Sunglasses, musicians whose art school backgrounds and mashup pop sensibilities combine to create something altogether unique.The duo met while in school at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Cooper was working on his senior thesis, a musical film noir, when a friend recommended that Keehn, a sound production major, assist him in tweaking and mixing the soundtrack. The partnership continued on after the project, with Cooper drawing heavily from Brian Wilson and Phil Spector while writing and recording original material and Keehn utilizing his knowledge of the studio as an instrument to perfect the tracks. The video for "Whiplash" from their Lefse released self-titled debut EP went viral, and the duo was met with praise from the likes of Pitchfork and Stereogum, which called Sunglasses a "Band to Watch." After time spent in a Northern Georgia lake house and brief stints in Maryland and DC, Sunglasses have now relocated to Brooklyn and are using their new home to build a reputation for energetic and semi-improvisational performances that mix samples with live instrumentation. With music inspirationally diverse and vibrant, Sunglasses continue to produce hook laden shape-shifting tracks of cascading sound.