Stu Larsen

Artist bio

Stu Larsen has no home. Four years ago he made a decision to leave behind normality, security and comfort, choosing to live as simply as possible and to follow the opportunities that would lay themselves in front of him. A bold but necessary move as he found himself getting caught in the day to day life of a working man whilst dreaming of a life on the road. Names such as vagabond, gypsy and troubadour have often been thrown around in reference to Larsen, but he seems to embrace all that come his way. Since leaving his quiet little town in Queensland, Australia, Larsen has spent the years being on the move, touring, recording, driving friends tour vans and pretty much anything else that allows him to stay on the road. He has toured Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the UK, Europe and North America.

Larsens album Vagabond was recorded at Sydneys Linear Studios and produced by good friend Mike Rosenberg aka Passenger and engineered by Chris Vallejo. It expresses the dichotomy of Larsens life on the road his amazing journeys and his beautiful observations; contrasted with an inevitable sense of loneliness. Larsens adventures have always been at the forefront of his lyrical storytelling and life on the road has given an ethereal, searching and often sentimental air to his music perhaps the effect of knowing that tomorrow always means moving on. Whilst there is an air of meandering and he alludes to 'exploring and wandering' and the fleeting nature of so many encounters along the way, his journey now seems more focused than ever.

With no label or management in the past, Larsen has already reached #2 on the Australian Singer-Songwriter Chart. He is currently on a world tour in support of Vagabond, which started in Australia in February and brings him through the UK and Europe before ending in North America. His incredible journey is funded entirely by the sale of albums on the road. As industry awareness increases and his fan base grows, his wider journeys and adventures are becoming a reality.