Artist bio

Stepdad is an American electronic/pop band based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The group consists of ultramark, Ryan McCarthy, Alex Fives, Nathan K, and Ben Weissenborn. Their sound has been described as "8-bit power pop".

Originally a duo, Stepdad was formed in Chicago, Illinois during the summer of 2009 when ultramark and Ryan McCarthy, who were roommates at the time, began writing songs together in their apartment. They initially gained exposure in early 2010 when they composed a theme song for the popular web comic "Axe Cop". The comic became an internet sensation and the duo's song became the official theme song for the "Axe Cop" comic and motion comic, as well as the comic's official podcast.

In April 2010, the band released their first EP, Ordinaire, independently via Bandcamp. The EP was met with critical praise from several online music publications and spawned two singles, "Jungles" and "My Leather, My Fur, My Nails", the latter of which was voted as the #7 song of the year by The Pop Sucker's Top 100 songs of 2010. They were part of the 2012 Warped Tour.

In June 2012, Stepdad released their first LP, Wildlife Pop, under Black Bell Records. The album was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign and recorded with producer Chris Zane.

-The song "My Leather, My Fur, My Nails" was featured in the series finale of Weeds.
The song "Jungles" appears in the FIFA 2013 video game.

-The songs "Pick & Choose" and "Warrior" were featured in season 6, episode 4 of Gossip Girl.

Source: Wikipedia