Sondre Lerche

Artist bio

Sondre Lerche is thrilled to announce the release of his new self-titled album. Set for a June 7th release on Mona Records, this new collection shines with Sondres numerous strengths that countless critics and fans have fallen in love with - his advanced melodic instinct, intimate yet refined arrangements and vivid lyricism. All of it seamlessly aligning - confirming Sondre as one of his generations smartest singer/songwriters. The Norwegian-born, Brooklyn-based artist will hit the road for a four-week North American headlining tour beginning May 31st. To get fans excited, Sondre will perform some very special shows at this years SXSW Music Conference. Pre-sale info below.

Praised by Rolling Stone, The New York Times, Stereogum, Filter and Entertainment Weekly among others for his experimentation with contrasting musical sounds, this eponymous album contains Sondres most interesting arrangements and catchy songwriting to date, but also some of his most somber and introspective. But for his sixth album, Sondres prolific curiosity didnt lead him to a new genre so much as introduce a new level of candidness in his work.

From the gripping cut-to-the-chase opener Ricochet to the uber-catchy Private Caller, from the naked drama of Red Flags, the tribal-pop of Go Right Ahead and the sly folk of Living Dangerously, Sondres new album masterfully captures a raw, spontaneous, instinctive and heartfelt sound that results in a confident artistic statement and arguably Sondres boldest and best record to date.

In the studio, Sondre wanted to explore his new creative alliances in Williamsburg, the Brooklyn neighborhood where hes lived on and off for the last six years. Getting to work with my new friends was one of the highlights of this whole process, says Sondre. The album was recorded - live in the studio - and mixed in a short but intense time period of three-weeks. The sessions included fellow musicians - Midlake drummer McKenzie Smith, longtime producer/collaborator Kato dland, Dave Heilman, drummer for Lerche-collaborator Regina Spektor, and co-producer, mixer and owner of Rare Book Room Studio, Nicolas Verhnes (Spoon, Animal Collective). We recorded a lot of it to tape, forcing ourselves to either commit or burn bridges and move on. We were killing darlings left and right. It was truly liberating.

Fans can participate in an exclusive pre-sale for tickets to Sondres upcoming tour on beginning 8am (EST) on March 2nd, ending 8am (EST) March 3rd. During these 24 hours, fans can also pre-order Sondres new CD and/or LP.