Artist bio

Snowmine is big space you can see and feel. An embrace without conditions.

They'll be the film score to your beautiful moments. A satisfying grin in the face of an inevitable, vermilion barbarian. They want you to know that no matter what you need to keep inside-- your secret's safe with them.

Their story offers no glorified mixtapes or dusty two-track recorders. No scene mongering or name-dropping. Snowmine arrives honestly on your doorstep, offering a midnight foray through ups and downs, angers and absolutions, and promises of fresh warm cookies to seal your grin.

The Brooklyn quintet formed from a long friendship between bassist Jay Goodman, drummer Alex Beckmann, and lead singer/composer Grayson Sanders. They soon met guitarist Austin Mendenhall after his then recent move from the DC jazz scene, and finally invited their old friend, guitarist Calvin Pia, who'd previously led Brooklyn's Akudama. One year later they collectively removed the lid, revealing a simmering stew honed from their divergent interests into something fiercely unique.

Their sound carries elements of classic afrobeat, electro-acoustic soundscapes, 20th Century Classical orchestrations, and hooks so memorable you'll be trying to shake the water from your ears. The precision and vigor in the compositions hits you like a hornet wrapped in a ball of silk. The voice gently massages your temples. The tribal influences arrest your body and bring you to your feet.

Self-produced, they pride themselves on their rich, organic textures and precise ability to reproduce them in a live setting. Grayson, the son of an opera singer and oil painter, discovered a voracious appetite for Classical and IDM music at an early age. A zealous disciple of Stravinsky, Ravel, Bartok, Ligeti, Autechre, he spent the better part of his adolescent life in a bedroom, hunched over manuscript paper, or staring at a computer screen, trying to unlock the mysteries of the craft. Having resulted in five full symphonic premiers, (including a recent modern orchestral cover of Bjork's Cover Me), his activity in the classical community has linked the band with some of the brightest classical instrumentalists and collaborators in NYC. Not only has this filtered into the band's songs, in the harrowing horns of Danger in the Snow,or the 1940s romance-strings of Beast in Air, Beast in Water, it has lead to grandiose performances in churches with chamber orchestras, installation art gallery shows, and just about anything in between.

Snowmine self released their debut LP, Laminate Pet Animal in May 2011, and quickly rose to a Top 3 seller on the Independent distribution site Bandcamp, ultimately being featured on their homepage as the first ever Artist of the Week. They were subsequently featured in Vogue as a staff pick, a Vimeo.Com homepage feature, and an iTunes highlight artist in January for their moody Fall single 'Curfews.'

Following a successful week at SXSW this year, debuting new album material, and their new interactive live visual app, it's clear that heads are turning, and the local stir is soon to become a storm.

But it makes sense. One visit to the show is enough for even the most weathered ears to hear something big is in the making.