Slim Twig

Artist bio

Slim Twig is a Canadian songwriter/ performer and film actor.

Paper Bag Records has released two Slim Twig EPs and two, full-length albums. His most recent LP, A Hound at the Hem, was released by his own label, Calico Corp., in conjunction with Pleasence Records.

In addition to Slim Twig-branded music, the artist plays guitar and sings in the band, Tropics, with Simone TB on drums. In a review of his early Slim Twig EPs, Pitchfork Media stated that Tropics' music is a feral take on the Birthday Party's blitzkrieg blues. Slim Twig has formerly pursued a solo project called Archaic Women and played as part of a psychedelic cover band called Plastic Factory. In 2009, Tropics released a cassette tape entitled SETTE.

The earliest Slim Twig recordings were self-released in 2005 on a CD entitled Livestock Burn, and an EP, Dissonant Folk. Derelict Dialect was the first Slim Twig EP release from Paper Bag Records, in April, 2008. Prior to that, Slim Twig self-released an EP called Whiite Fantaseee. The songs from that recording (save one) were subsequently re-mastered and issued as Vernacular Violence by Paper Bag Records, in August, 2008. Paper Bag later released its two Slim Twig EPs as a limited edition, vinyl LP album.
In 2009, Paper Bag Records released Contempt!, Slim Twig's first, full-length LP. He states that he created the record largely from found sound and samples set against his own vocals. A NOW Magazine review of the album called it ...startlingly unique... Coinciding with the release of Contempt!, Slim created a free, downloadable mixtape EP entitled Spit It Twig! (Vol. 1).[20] Spit it Twig! Vol 2 was issued in the fall of 2009. It was named one of the top downloads of the year by Toronto's alternative weekly magazines. The third release in the mixtape series is A Sheik in Scores, issued on cassette and as a download.

Source: Wikipedia