Ski Lodge

Artist bio

Brooklyn-based indie pop group Ski Lodge were formed in 2011 by singer/songwriter Andrew Marr.
Taking inspiration from classic U.K. indie pop of the mid-'80s, the band's jangling guitars and heartfelt lyrics would have sounded right then, but also fit 2011 just as well. Marr hooked up with Dovecote Records for the release of a self-titled four-song EP in early September, just after Ski Lodge played their first show at the Cake Shop in New York. After a year-plus spent playing shows and recording, the band (now consisting of Marr plus Jared O'Connell, John Barinaga, and Tim McCoy) returned in April of 2013 with a new single for Dovecote called "Just to Be Like You." ~ Tim Sendra

Source: Artist Myspace Page