Sinem Saniye

Artist bio

Sinem Saniye is an award-winning songwriter, singer, guitar player and music lover. Sinem is an ancient Turkish word meaning deep from within my heart. As her name implies, Sinem writes and delivers her music in this very manner. Every song and lyric in her debut album, When I Don't Sleep.. comes from the most honest and passionate place in her heart.

After nearly a year of graduate studies, Sinem yet again felt herself drawn to singing / songwriting. Though she loved both fields very much, she knew the time had come to choose either engineering or performing. The decision to continue singing / songwriting and performing became easier when she met musician and producer Philip A. Jimenez (Wheatus). Though she had entered his Long Island studio to record a second demo, Jimenez convinced Sinem to record a full length album. Sinem was at first hesitant to jump into a full album, thus she and Philip took it one song at a time. Sinem would write new songs and bring them into the studio for him to comment on. They would then lay down initial music tracks. Sinem took her time developing the songs. She wanted each one to be special, with extremely personal lyrics, she was only satisfied when she felt she had adequately challenged herself.

After nearly 3 years of working on new material with Jimenez, stress and depression caused Sinem to suspend the full album project. When it resumed, the producer role was inherited by Grammy-award winning French producer Henri Scars Struck (Shakira, Madonna, and No Doubt remixes).

Henri Scars Struck picked up the songs and within one year, they finished the album, When I Don't Sleep.

Source: Artist Site