Artist bio

Sillyboy lives in a old detached house, above railway network, in a working-class suburb of Athens, called "Kokkinos Mylos". The term "above" was gained over the years, especially after the latest construction projects of the municipality, that brought trains "almost" inside his lounge, "by" the console and next to the speakers. This railway peculiarity is the trademark of the home studio "Medicine", a peculiarity which could one easily find in many aspects of Sillyboy. From urban music and temperamental lyrics, to bass grooves, rhythmic vintage-pop and at times art-rock orchestrations.

The sound of the passing trains make him feel like he is travelling and the vibrations like he is constantly changing tunes. Just like way back in the '90 where he decided to quit his conventional job to work entirely with music. A choice that guided him to this neighborhood were everything make sense. He begins composing original music for TV commercials, shows and movies while he is recording and producing records for others and himself, which brought him to his first album titled Played. The sound of the album could be described as soulful vintage pop with bits and pieces of synth elements. Throughout his different stations, performing the first album live, he records his second album Nature Of Things. The sound now changes to more guitar based melodies, nostalgic lyrics but still with a vintage mood similar to his previous work.

The trains are still passing by his house, but that does not bother him anymore, nor his cat that he calls Mud. Nature of things on the other hand is something that will surely bother him a lot, until his next stop.