Shotgun Honeymoon

Artist bio

Shotgun Honeymoon is a talented singer-songwriter and musician who is prepared to leave his mark on the Los Angeles music scene. Having displayed a love and passion for music at an early age, music is his destiny. Born in Lexington, Kentucky, he moved from state to state with his family, finally settling in Boca Raton, Florida. Growing up on a steady diet of Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and The Dave Matthews Band, his music strongly reflected those influences from the beginning. He was inspired by how these acts could strip everything down into an incredible acoustic performance and then plug in and rock the house down.
While attending college at Florida State University, he walked into a guitar shop, bought a music book and acoustic guitar, and began teaching himself the nuances of the guitar. After graduation he spent a few years playing local shows throughout Central Florida, where his songs quickly began to shape themselves. A few years later, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being a recording artist. After a few years of playing small club and university shows, Shotgun released his first album, the independent, Jeff Trott-produced, "Foregone Conclusion" in 2007. He refers to this album as a collection of the darkest and most hopeful days of his life at that time.
In 2008, he connected with Rob Whalen (drums/percussion) and Jamie Peregrine (cello) to form an upbeat indie acoustic rock trio and began playing shows and working on his next music project. After suffering an injury to his throat and vocal chords while playing soccer, Shotgun has spent the past few years working through arduous rehab. Now he is back and poised to move forward with his music career, armed with even more of the stories of love, life, and triumph for which he is known.

Source: Artist Site