Shane Gamble

Artist bio

Shane remembers when he slept in his car on lunch breaks working as a substitute teacher in rural Maryland. "I was playing shows at night, sometimes 300 to 400 miles away, somehow Id pull it together to teach during the day. Now I can sing about those trying times".

Effortlessly yet intricately weaving together Pop, Country, Americana, and Indie Rock, Shane Gambles music comes across like a freight train heading full steam on the road less travelled. Propelled by a steady and assured rhythm section, layered guitars, and beautiful vocal harmonies, Shane rhapsodizes about love, adventure, and emotional redemption.

The Maryland native is working intently in his home-studio on "Turn My Way", the single from his forthcoming album. It sounds unique yet some how familiar and captivating; its a song that could potentially explode on the radio lead by a jangly acoustic guitar and confessional vocals.

You take one look at him, with his short tussled hair, a worn denim shirt, leather boots, and acoustic guitar slung across his shoulders and youll know that this guy believes in what music can do to the mind and the soul. Gamble attacks his acoustic guitar with an energy rarely seen at such events. He tends to lean forward on one foot and face towards the microphone guitar at a downward angle, singing from the depths of soul with earnest conviction.

This passion runs throughout the new album Shane Gamble. Its an album that finds him combining radio- friendly songs, ("Turn My Way," "One Balloon") resonating distinctly with Nashville cats and New York City hipsters alike.

His new self-titled album is polished but not without taking away the intimacy that makes Gambles music so appealing. "Its not necessarily about perfection, I just love capturing music that is honest and real. I want you to hear "Turn My Way" and connect with the lyrics on an emotional level, thats the only hope a song has to leave a lasting impression".

Shane does another run through and the song really seems to lift off. "This could be the one," he announces. He then walks over to the computer and burns a disc of the song. "I want to listen to this loud in my truck" he says". So, out we walk out to his truck and he pops the CD into the stereo. The music booms. He closes his eyes, and we get to about a minute into the song before he suddenly presses stop. He pauses and then laughs, "I think weve got it right this time!"