Artist bio

Although initially the solo project of Sindri Mr Sigfsson, Seabear had morphed into a seven-piece band by 2007, when the group made its full-length debut with Ghost That Carried Us Away. Sigfsson filled his lineup with a number of fellow Icelandic songwriters -- Gudbjrg Hlin Gudmundsdottir, Ingibjrg Birgisdttir, Halldr Ragnarsson, rn Ingi gstsson, Kjartan Bragi Bjarnason, and Sley Stefnsdttir -- and the group's hushed, folksy music began finding an international audience in 2008, when the song Cat Piano was featured in an episode of Gossip Girl. Although Sigfsson also devoted time to his own solo work (which he released under the alias Sin Fang Bous), Seabear continued gathering momentum during the following years, and 2010 found the group launching its first American tour and releasing its second album, We Built a Fire. - all music guide