Savoy Motel

Artist bio

Welcome to Savoy Motel, an out-of-the-way dark spot where theres never any vacancy, because everyone at Savoy Motel are residentsresidents of a glowing world encapsulated in its own entranced yet detached style. Savoy Motel is not only a location, its a state of mind, and its a new underground rock group from Nashville, Tennessee, an unprocessed band of individuals who attempt to formulate their worlds lurid spirit with their own delectable sound.

Brought together in the summer of 2014 at the now defunct LBH Studios, the original Savoy Motel band developed their entire approach virtually over night. Quickly recording a trilogy of unreleased albums, and making their live debut as a quartet in early 2015, they instantly became darlings of the varicose alley crowds.

Driven by the pulsating beat of their Maestro brand drum machine, (featured on many hits of the 1970s) Savoy Motel produces music that combines bad time vibes with an upbeat groovea mix of outdated boogie rock, with a dash of European prog flavoring, covered in a thin layer of cold white funk.

Savoy Motels beginnings lie with writer/producer Jeffrey Novak, who aimed at forming a new project with musician/artist, Jessica McFarland, both of whom were members of local pop trio Cheap Time. The lineup was filled out with dueling guitarists, Mimi Galbierz and Dillon Watson, who had both played together with McFarland in her former hard rock group, Heavy Cream. Along with producing, Novak also handles bass duties, in addition to other various instruments, and occasional vocals. McFarland provides reinforced drumming in unison with her Rhythm King beats and shares lead vocals with Mimi, who supplies piercing rhythm guitar with minimal funk chords. Completing the whole shebang, are a variety of sonic styles unleashed by Watsons lead guitar, giving each tune its own hypnotic taste.

A crucial element of the Savoy Motel team not to go unmentioned, is their manager, Stephen Sutton, and his company, Snakeman Enterprise. A known entrepreneur of the underground southern rap world, Sutton has guided the band from the very beginning, helping to shape their vision and image, along with encouraging their natural progression with his own unique tastes and influences.

Their debut single, Hot One b/w Souvenir Shop Rock, is currently available as a white-label promotional 7?, but not for sale commercially. Released by Savoy Motels merchandising wing, Official Memorabilia, the single features two exclusive tracks due to be included on the bands long awaited debut album.

Burning brighter than a building on fire and ten times groovier than most white acts on the scene today, Savoy Motel have all the potential to completely dominate the music world of tomorrow!