Samantha Savage Smith

Artist bio

Samantha Savage Smith is a Calgary-based singer-songwriter, who released her debut album, "Tough Cookie" in April 2011. After a few years honing her craft on the West Coast and subsequently returning to her hometown in the spring of 2009, Samantha continued writing and performing new songs inspired by her love of classic interpreters such as Anita ODay and Billie Holiday as well as present-day songsmiths like St. Vincent and Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys.

Shortly after posting demos online and playing a handful of extremely well-received shows, word spread quickly in the Calgary indie scene of the young singer-songwriters immense talent. The online demos caught the ear of local producer Lorrie Matheson (Rae Spoon, Ghostkeeper), who was struck by her achingly beautiful voice, melodies and lyrics. After seeing her perform live, he saw the potential in Samantha for a long and fruitful career. He offered his services to assist her in the next step - the production of an album that would showcase her personal and poignant songs and the voice that delivers them.

"Tough Cookie" was recorded in 2010 at Matheson's Arch Audio studio in Calgary. Backed by Chris Dadge, Scott Munro and Brooker Buckingham (who have lent their talents to recordings and live shows by Chad Van Gaalen, Rae Spoon, Ghostkeeper, Fake Cops and Woodpigeon), and featuring the back-up vocals of the Dudes' Dan Vacon, the album incorporates her love of torch songs, classic blues, R&B and rock music.