Sally Seltmann

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Sally Seltmann is the award-winning Australian singer/song writer/producer behind intoxicating albums such as 'Heart Thats Pounding, 'Somewhere, anywhere. and 'The Last Beautiful Day. She is the co-writer of the song '1234, performed by Feist, and a member of Seeker Lover Keeper. Sally Seltmann previously performed under the name New Buffalo.

Having started 2012 supporting Grammy Award winning artist Bon Iver throughout his Australian tour, Sally is now writing and recording the follow up to her 2010 solo album 'Heart Thats Pounding. Co-produced with Francois Tetaz (Gotye, Architecture in Helsinki), 'Heart Thats Pounding has been recognised by many as Sallys most accomplished work to date. The album was released in Australia, North America and Japan, and was short listed for the Australian Music Prize. Indie Rock Reviews described the album as a perfect blend of intelligent lyrics, Seltmanns gorgeous voice and some amazing instrumentation.

Previous recordings by Sally as New Buffalo include her debut EP 'About Last Night; which was released in Australia (through Modular) and the UK (through Heavenly). Her debut album 'The Last Beautiful Day followed. Written, arranged and produced by Sally, the album featured performances from Beth Orton and Dirty Threes Jim White. Her final album as New Buffalo, 'Somewhere, anywhere. The album was written and recorded by Sally on a century-old piano in a studio set up inside a flower-flanked shed in Sallys backyard.

In 2010 Sally collaborated with Holly Throsby and Sarah Blasko to create 'Seeker Lover Keeper. The trio released their self-titled album mid-2011. The album debuted at #3 on the ARIA charts and is now available in the UK, Europe, Japan and North America.

Sally enjoys collaborating with other artists, and recently set up her 'Alphabet Botanical side project, a venture where she plans to write and record songs with many different musicians.

Sally Seltmann is based in Sydney.

Source: Artist Site