Rye Rye

Artist bio

In her 19 years, Rye Rye has lived more than most. Pulling herself up and out of the Baltimore projects by her own determination, wiling away hours in the citys all-ages club scene not to waste her time but to make something of her time. Seminal shows on station 92Q with DJs like late, legendary K-Swift opened up new worlds, dance nights morphing into impromptu competitions, feeding her ambition. All of this sound, vision, bombastic and beautiful boasting have coalesced to inform her singular persona and performance. (Even The New York Times has taken notice, raving of her recent HARD NYC set: Rye Rye delivered her rat-a-tat rhymesfast, competitive boastsover the sparse electronic propulsion of Baltimore club music while she outdanced everyone else on the festival bill.)

Studying the music, making music, sharing music, and making mentors along the wayDJ Blaqstarr helped Rye Rye build a bridge to M.I.A. who quickly signed her to her own N.E.E.T. label, took her on the road, and collaborated on lead single Sunshine. It sounds easy on paperwork hard, get discovered, conquer the world. But Blaqstarr and M.I.A. are once-in-a-lifetime mentors who heard once-in-a-lifetime music and that music is unmistakably Rye Ryes.

Pop is a big genre. Hip-hop is a big genre. But I also want to stay in my lane and get the feeling of where Im coming from and be able to share that, she says, finding her own sound hard to classify even for herself. If I do a hip-hop song, it doesnt sound like a regular hip-hop track; it sounds fresher. I am doing my own thing.

Source: Artist Site