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Duality defines us. Future and past, ups and downs, and good and bad contribute equally to our identities. RYDYR pursues this balance in his music. Offsetting bold and bright pop with alternative adventurousness and timeless rockstar ambition rooted in live instrumentation and unfiltered lyrics, the artist born Cole Pendery crafts a scorching signature style on his 2020 independent debut EP. I call it 'New Nostalgia, he exclaims. Youve heard it before, yet its also new to you. Theres a fusion, because it will be light and dark at different times. Theres modern production, but there are a lot of natural elements. Hopefully, you feel nostalgic and curious all at once. Taking the reins further, Cole founded his own label Shadowwood Records to release his music. An homage to the backwoods trail Shadowwood Road that his late creative and eclectic grandfather built, Cole ultimately plans to carve a similar path, and build a platform for himself and other artists to flourish. I feel like this is what Ive been working towards the whole time, he smiles. Ive finally got a place for my music. Its Shadowwood Records. In the end, RYDYRs authenticity shines through everything. I want to make music and art for people as long as I can, he leaves off. Theres nothing more powerful than connecting on stage and in the studio. RYDYR is my alias and creative outlet. Thats who RYDYR is and who I hope he can be the same for listeners.

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