Ryan Brahms

Artist bio

By the age of 18, Ryan Brahms had established himself as a prodigy clarinet and saxophone player, playing with some of the top names in the music arena (James Brown, Dave Brubeck), but an unfortunate injury would soon preclude him from playing any sort of brass or wind instrument.

Not to be deterred, he began writing songs and finding his own voice as a singer-songwriter. Soon thereafter he was attacked and brutally beaten outside of a New York City club sticking up for a young woman and was hospitalized for weeks. Even having his mouth wired shut for many months and needing a titanium plate on the left side of his face, didn't discourage this tenacious dude.

Resilience, a love of music and a natural appreciation of the human condition filled Ryan with an unwavering passion to artistically share his journey. The music is an infusion of organic live Rock, Blues and Funk with more modern elements and production of Dance, HipHop, Dub-step RnB and Pop.. Ryan calls it Griddy Pop.