Russell W Howard

Artist bio

Russell W. Howard was born for music. Raised in Lower Merion, PA, Russell Ws musical passion was ignited at just seven years old, when he jammed on his first drum set. Four years later, Russell found his way to a TR808 beat machine, ultimately leading him to master the art of production. By 15, Russell was discovered by Chris Swartz, the CEO of Ruffhouse Records, who introduced him to Hip-Hop veterans like Cypress Hill and The Fugees. With the unique opportunity to witness these budding legends in their prime, Russell was compelled to make his own mark in the rap game.
As a producer, Russell caught the attention of Kobe Bryant, just as he was making his leap to the NBA. While recording a track with Kobe, Russell was paid a visit from Hip-Hop icon, Jay-Z, who was blown away with the quality and style of his beats. Russell then produced tracks for Jay including, S. Carter and Theres Been a Murder, on Jay-Zs Multi-Platinum The Life and Times of Shawn Carter Vol.3. After this incredible experience, Russell notes, I was officially a legitimate producer in the business.
The massive success of Life and Time of Shawn Carter Vol.3 (5.6 million copies) led Russell to produce over 300 tracks and collaborate with some of the biggest artists in the music industry, including Lupe Fiasco, DMX, Paul Wall, and many others. While crafting beats for emcees, Russell W. began perfecting his own art of rhyme. Taking cues from the artists he worked with, while simultaneously penning his life stories, Russell sharpened his mic skills while maintaining his stellar rep as a beatsmith.
Now, Russell W has developed into a legitimate triple threat. Aside from rapping and producing, he is also an established composer for a number of TV shows, including VH1's Tough Love, and ABCs The Bachelor. You can also spot him acting in shows like CSI:Miami, and on the big screen in Love Dont Cost a Thing with Nick Cannon.
Russell is currently putting the finishing touches on his new mixtapes, while getting the wheels in motion for his upcoming album. Working with rising stars like Nipsey Hu$$le and Jon Connor, Russell hopes to join the ranks of Hip-Hops up and coming league of artists ready to blow. He has the beats, he has the rhymes, now make his music a part of your life.
With an unwavering focus and dedication to his craft, Russell W. is determined to make his mark as a Hip-Hop artist. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears in check, because this dude isnt slowing down until he reaches the top. The rap game is always changing, but Im not gonna follow the movements, Russell explains. Im gonna lead them.

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