Run River North

Artist bio

With only that unplanned demo, the six-piece has seen extraordinary buzz, including a booking on Jimmy Kimmel Live! In 2012, the band recorded and filmed a music video for "Fight To Keep" in their Hondas. Unable to afford a studio space at the time, the sextet switched off playing instruments inside the cramped interiors of their Honda Fit, Accord and CRV. Once uploaded, the video experiment ran an upward viral course to the Honda offices. Under the pretense of thanking the band, Honda invited them to perform in front 600 of their executives. With an "emergency meeting" keeping all but two Honda employees from showing up, the band got the best surprise of their careerit was all a hoax and they were actually booked as the musical guests on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Watch their priceless reactions and inspired performance above.

Run River North writes brilliant harmonies paired with layered instrumentations and puts on an awe-inspiring live show. Headlining the largest venue to date, Run River North sold out LAs famed Troubadour and immediately charmed Nettwerks A&R collective. "Its about the song and the passion of how its conveyed. When its authentic, its magic and thats what Run River North are creatingmagic," says CEO of Nettwerk Music Group Terry McBride. About signing to Nettwerk, lead vocalist/guitarist Alex Hwang add "The family vibe at Nettwerk is what were most excited about. Impressively hardworking and genuinely enthusiastic about who we are and what we're trying to share - we couldn't ask for a better relationship and environment to make music and tell our stories."

Nettwerk is not the only one excited for this up-and-coming band. Next month, Run River North will hit the studio with renowned record producer Phil Ek (Band Of Horses, Fleet Foxes, Built To Spill, The Shins, Sea Wolf, The Walkmen, Father John Misty) to record their debut album. About working with Ek, drummer John Chong says, "he thinks outside the box with all his projects. I love how he allows the artist to be really creative with structures, chord choices, metric changes, etc." "A common thread between his records is that you come away with a strong sense of feeling," continues bandmember Daniel Chae. Recording the album in Seattle, Hwang jokes, "so curious and excited to see how our songs and band will growRun River North(west)."

Formed in 2011, Run River North is Alex Hwang (lead vocals, guitars), Daniel Chae (vocals, strings), Jennifer Rim (strings), Joe Chun (bass, vocals), John Chong (drums, vocals) and Sally Kang (vocals, keyboards).