Robin Bacior

Artist bio

Two years ago, Robin Bacior stepped off a plane from Northern California into New York. Like countless nomadic musicians before her such as Joni Mitchell and Jolie Holland, shes letting her Golden State home and her New York backyard influence her sound. Her songs reveal honest pictures with instrumentation as a medium to illuminate her lyrics.At just 24, Robins voice speaks of a much older soul. She crafts folk vignettes softly painted in waltz timing and has taken to stages around New York City such as Mercury Lounge, Spike Hill and Union Hall.
In the last year, Bacior released her debut EP, Aimed For Night, and her first 7, Man Before Me b/w Headless Sheep, on her own label, Consonants & Vowels Recordings, a partnership with her long-time friend. The resulting music captured the attention of New Yorks folk scene with near lullaby-like compositions, lingering melodies and subtle harmonies abound.

While prior projects were recorded in her hometown of Chico, CA, the LP, Rest Our Wings, was spread across the map at San Fransisco-based Tiny Telephone, Brooklyn-based Headgear Studios, and within the home of engineer Nick Smeraski. The album is meant to reflect certain shots in a transient period of Baciors life, of ebb and flow both geographically and within relationships. The opening track, 'Pair Migration, sets the tone for the commotion, specifically referring to New York and its impermanent nature, and finding comfort within its speed. The title, Rest Our Wings, is a line from the albums single, 'Ohio, and an attempt to be still within so much movement, and find day-to-day resolution in an open-ended timeline of questions.