Rick Shaffer

Artist bio

Rick Shaffer's musical career as guitarist, vocalist, song writer, and founding member of the Philadelphia band, The Reds, spans three decades of critically acclaimed recording and film work. Including thirteen Reds albums, film soundtrack albums, songs and score for TV and major/indie film companies and directors.

Solo projects for Shaffer include recording guitar tracks on a Marianne Faithfull album (Island); Hilly Kristal's, "Mad Mordechai" (Stereo Society); Peter Murphy's, "Holy Smoke" (Beggars Banquet/BMG); and Marc Almond's, "Fantastic Star" (Some Bizarre/Mercury). And, in 2004, Shaffer was recruited by director, Michael Mann, to write, produce and record, "Looking For Right," for the film, "Collateral."

Shaffers first solo album, Necessary Illusion (Tarock) was released March 2010. The ten song album is a neo-sixties, garage blues excursion, with a Joe Meek and Excello Records production style.

Shaffers second solo venture, Hidden Charms, continues, expands, and nicely follows-up the feel of, Necessary Illusion. The idea is to have the album sound new and old simultaneously, allowing it to find its place in a radio mix from 1965 and beyond. The sonic blueprint for Hidden Charms is a protogarage rock/blues, heavenly distorted guitar, with melodies buried beneath a mash-up of unadulterated garage vibe. Inspired by Link Wrays Swan Singles Collection, early Stones, and heavy doses of Mississippi Hill Country Blues Bop. The basic track sound is a simple, but steady primitive hypnotic beat and percussion, ultra distorted guitar, and aggressive raw vocals with intense personal lyric content.