Rich Girls

Artist bio

(New York, NY) Music thats truly interesting should be dangerous. Playing it safe strips any real rock 'n roll credibility off the gritty surface, which is where the distinctive quality lives. Rich Girls dont have that problem. The NYC-based garage / art rock three-piece have a brand new EP, Love is the Dealer, due out in September that proves it.

Love Is The Dealer will be the bands third EP. It takes a darker twist than Rich Girls prior efforts, circling around the idea that Love may be the drug, but its also the dealer. With spiritual godparents, such as Siouxsie and the Banshees, Iggy Pop, Debbie Harry, Brian Wilson and New Order, and contemporary influence taken from The Kills, Raveonettes, Ice Age and The Drums, Rich Girls ditch the bass and hold their own with two guitars and a drum set.

The band grew roots in 2013 when Luisa Black (guitar, vocals)- who is ever-obsessed with finding that perfect nuance of reverb - started the project on her own, under the moniker Rich Girls, while living in London. She chose the name to mask the fact that she was still sans band, and Black says she chose it because she wanted rock lifers in rumpled corporate suits, like a bizarro-world version of Robert Palmer girls. A riot in the world of the rich. Black doubles as an art programmer when shes not making music, and runs art shows out of her Soho apartment in NYC every month.

She wrote the first record on GarageBand in the living room of a London flat before recording it in California with producer Sean Beresford (Run D.M.C, Third Eye Blind, The Donnas, The Blacks). Black played every instrument herself on the first EP, The One I Want, which came out on Tricycle Records in November 2013. The release was a pop confessional of love and addiction that was created after the breakup of her former band, San Francisco-based garage rockers, The Blacks. The EP created a viral buzz in California, and out of an imminent need to have a band to play shows - Black filled out the lineup with August Churchill (guitar) and a handful of local musicians.

Rich Girls debuted the new band at Noise Pop Festival in February 2014. Later that Fall, they released their second EP, FIVER, with Breakup Records. Radio play in Nottingham, Leeds, Glasgow and Leipzig soon followed, along with press love in the UK and Germany. The band spent 2015 playing regular gigs with their new drummer, Gavin Haag (The Blacks), and starting their work on the new EP. At the end of last year, the band relocated to NYC and played their first show at Color Me Bushwicks festival. Now, NYC feels like home and the EP is done!

The digital version of Love is the Dealer will be self-released right before the band hits the road for a East Coast tour in mid-September and cassettes will available via Weiner Records. Expect vinyl and an awesome music video of Loaded, as well!