Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co

Artist bio

The true origins of REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. are shrouded in hearsay and conjecture. It is however a story to be told and as the name suggests, it is anything but simple...

Moving from their native New York to Copenhagen, Claudius Pratt and song writing partner Justin Moses Gunn founded REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. in 2007.They are joined by Martin Ollivierre on bass, Matthias Klein on drums

Primitive & grounded, folk-tales connect seemingly disparate genres into a single curbstone philosophy "SOAP BOX MUSIC". Converging African polyrhythms with punk-rock dissonance. Combining swing, rock-steady and rhythm & blues... Sarcastic and sentimental; Agitated and serene... R.S.S.O.Co. is a throwback to the Negro spirituals and the American folk tradition. They too are a salute to advertising and commercialism- raised together, like traveling horse and buggy teams, peddling miracle medications and their sundries to a stripped and intimate pulse.