Reuben Hollebon

Artist bio

Reuben Hollebon has his feet planted solidly on the ground, putting in long days in the studio, with his nights spent unknown between London and Norwich. This semi-nomadic lifestyle keeps Reuben active with songwriting. The quiet and understated life has always been familiar to him. Growing up by the coast, in Norfolk, England, the child of two social workers, Reuben remembers a youth spent pedaling bicycles out to the sea, and exploring the land and people around him. This is where a lot of my songs come from, he says. They are stories that revolve around that life. Reuben is set to release his debut album on Bright Antenna this winter. Titled "Terminal Nostalgia" is a collection of deeply personal stories told with raw, tremulous vocals. The soundscape takes influence from Reubens time as a recording engineer for several well-known acts including Basement Jaxx, Courtney Barnett and The London Symphony Orchestra.